Checking for leaks

The first day of 40 Days + 40 Writes is always a little like the first day it rains in Southern California. That is to say it is when you suddenly find out where all the leaks are.

I’m working on plugging a few.

One thing to be careful of is that your username is case-sensitive. And if you put in the wrong username, your work is filed away as “NOT VALID USERNAME.” No one wants that, am I right?

Also, I got a question about the order of the names on the stats. That chart was automatically assembled as your work flowed in, so whoever submitted their writing first on Day 1 is at the top, and whoever filed last is at the bottom. It is absolutely not a ranking of any kind.

This first week, start to find your rhythm and to carve out a regular time to write each day. That is, truly, the crucial part of this practice. For me, it was always after dinner. For others, I can tell they write first thing in the morning. I had one early participant who read the prompt when he woke up, thought about it on his walk to his office, and then wrote for 20 minutes before starting work.

Whatever works for you.

robin rauzi