A full constable

Hi Lent writers,

One of the funny things about running this program is that I have learned lots of trivia about birds. I decided early on to name each group after a bird so that I could keep groups straight. And as a result, I would often then share some odd details about birds.

For instance, flocks of birds often have an unexpected collective noun, like a gaggle of geese or a brood of hens. Many of these date to the 15th century and are obscure… and yet so poetic. Ravens seem to have gotten their collective names from hanging around the Tower of London — and from being large, dark birds that are a bit unnerving. An “unkindness” and a “conspiracy” suggest some bad omen. My favorite term, however, is “ a constable of ravens,” because they of a legend that says if they leave the Tower of London England will fall. They are guarding, keeping watch over the kingdom.

All of this is a LONG way of saying there are so many ravens in this particular flock of writers… that you broke Google. I got this message yesterday and today:

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.39.47 PM.png

There are so many pieces of writing in the database that Google doesn’t want to check them every 15 minutes. So from now on, the stats and blog posts will have to be updated a bit less frequently.

Congratulations on all that writing! 73,500 words so far, and it’s only day 15.

Onward and upward!

— Robin

robin rauzi