40 Days + 40 Writes, signing off


Thank you for joining the Lenten writing journey and supporting one another with your writing discipline. You may not realize how much your effort supported the others along the way, but trust me, it did.

It was a busy week after Easter around my house. I did manage to get digital books sent out to everyone who wrote more than 10 of the 40 days. If you didn’t get your digital booklet, or if you did, but you need it in another format, just reply to this email and let me know.

If you have any specific feedback to offer me, I’d be grateful to hear it. Next year will, of course, be a whole new liturgical year, so if I do this again I’ll have to craft new prompts from those particular readings. But if you have general thoughts about how the prompts played off the readings, or the arc of the prompts, or anything at all really, it’ll help me try to improve this for next time around. Just email me at robin@40days40writes.com.

Finally, if you know anyone who would enjoy the secular version of 40 Days + 40 Writes, send them to the home page to join the interest list. As a 40 Days alum, you’ll also get email alerts about upcoming sessions. Unsubscribe at any time if you’re not interested. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

robin rauzi