The Final Four!

Can you believe you’re 90% done. Four more prompts, and that’s it.

I’m always sort of amazed at how much a group of people can do in 40 days. First, some of you are on track to have written all 40 prompts, which is fantastic. Second, as a group, you’ve turned in more than 150,000 words of writing. That’s like a 600 page novel. Some of you have personally written 12,000 or more words.

And here’s a thought I’d like you to consider this final week: everything you accomplished during this program you did in (mostly) 15- to 30-minute increments of time. I’m always amazed at how even small efforts build into a skill. Suddenly you can write 500 words in 45 minutes. Suddenly I can play a B-flat chord on my ukulele.

Enjoy this final week, where you really will be free to fly with your prompts. And before you go, maybe follow 40 Days + 40 writes on Facebook at or Twitter at so that you can share announcements when upcoming sessions start.

robin rauzi