OK, one final thing: Can you blurb your experience?

I’d like to add a page to 40days40writes.com where participants say a few words about what they liked about the program, or what they got out of the experience. I don’t need a Yelp review, exactly. But I would like for you to tell future writers why they might choose to participate. If you’d be willing to write a few sentences, could you email them to me?

You should have gotten a digital book from me on Sunday. It might look like this:


Enjoy it.

Finally, thank you again to everyone who made a contribution to the program in the last few weeks. I’m out of the red and thinking about how to invest the few hundred dollars I have to spare. My initial thoughts are:

  • Better/customized blog format

  • New book template could arrive ready-to-print at Blurb.com

  • Upgrading Mailchimp to gain time-zone support

But if you have other ideas for investments, let me know that too.

Signing off. For reals this time.

robin rauzi