40 Days + 40 Writes, signing off

Thank you for joining this writing journey and supporting one another with your writing discipline. You may not realize how much your effort supported the others along the way, but trust me, it did.

If you have any specific feedback to offer me, I’d be grateful to hear it. The program you’ve just complete has been refined several times, but it can always get better. I’m also always looking for new ideas for whole sets of 40 prompts. Just email me at robin@40days40writes.com.

Finally, if you know anyone who would enjoy 40 Days + 40 Writes, send them to the home page to join the interest list. As a 40 Days alum, you’ll also get email alerts about upcoming sessions. Unsubscribe at any time if you’re not interested. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Congratulations on making it to Day 41. Where you go from here is up to you.

robin rauzi