The awkward years

So I know that there are a lot of you Ospreys. But after only two weeks, you’ve written nearly 100,000 words. That’s a 400-page novel. I’m seriously hoping you don’t break my fragile little spreadsheet.

In other technical updates, I’m sorry the standings looked so screwy for so long. I had a filter turned on on the spreadsheet that I forgot to turn off. Also, please do me a favor and capitalize your username exactly as it appears in the standings. Otherwise I’m getting entries for slomoto and Slomoto. This bothers the editor in me.

Finally, I’m trying to figure out what’s causing some posts to get rejected by the blog. But do know that when a blog post doesn’t successfully go through, I get an email and I will manually put it up in the next 24 hours.

That’s it for now. I’ve been home in L.A. for the last week, enjoying the chance to catch up with family and a few friends and to eat authentic burritos. Back to the Spokatropolis on Wednesday. Meanwhile, you’ll be adventuring through six prompts inspired by adolescence and high school.

robin rauzi