The nest

So I think I told you that I named this flock for the Ospreys who live on a platform overlooking the Spokane River a few blocks way. So just as a quick update: there are three fledglings up there on that platform now, peeking over the edge, looking 30 feet down. I guess when you’re born 30 feet up all you can do is presume you will fly.

As has been my Sunday night tradition in Spokane, I just set up the next week’s prompts for you to use as your own jumping off platform. I have a rough list that has four ideas, and at least two of those get revised and I have to find two more. But with this all-star group, I almost feel that I could almost suggest “Jar of Mustard” and you’d come up with something to write about.

At the end of this week, you’ll already be at day 30. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re into adulthood.

robin rauzi