Two things you can do to support 40 Days + 40 Writes

This flock is about to enter its final week. So before you all scatter back to your respective lives, please consider doing two things to support the continuation of 40 Days + 40 Writes.

Tell someone. Or lots of someones. I have 20 new people right now in the other flock who learned about 40 Days + 40 Writes from someone like you. So please spread the word in person, on social media, in your classes and writing groups. The best way to join the interest list is via the home page.

Make a donation. Running this program is a labor of love. For me. For Google, Squarespace and Nate the coder in Kansas… not so much. Please think about making a contribution via the donation page, where you can also see an itemized list of how I spend the money.

I recognize that many of you have contributed — and some of you very generously — in the past. Thank you, not only because that helps pay the bills but because it tells me that this is a worthwhile effort.

As always…

robin rauzi